"LIGHTNING CAB" Drama CD & Music Album

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A set of 2 CDs containing all 3 songs and 5 episodes + a bonus track of audio drama from "LIGHTNING CAB".
The bonus booklet comes with a mini story written by FUZI that allows you to enjoy the world of LIGHTNING CAB.

【Product Details】
■ Drama CD & Music Album
With all 3 songs of the LIGHTNING CAB series that FUZI × Hifumi worked on.
Includes all 5 episodes + a bonus track of audio drama (this bonus track is limited to this CD).
The package is a special optical disc packaging specification.
[Disc 1]
Track 1: Bloom in this town
Track 2: Starry Starry
Track 3: dawn
Track 4: Audio Part 1 "A Taxi Driver Starting From Today"
Track 5: Audio Part 2 "Hell Of A Drive"
Track 6: Audio Part 3 "The Worst Day Ever"
[Disc 2]
Track 1: Audio Part 4 "LIGHTNING CAB Part 1 "
Track 2: Audio Part 5 "LIGHTNING CAB Part 2 "
Track 3: Bonus Track  "To Be Someone's Light"
※ Parts 1-5 of the audio drama of this product will be posted on YouTube.

<LIGHTNING CAB Audio Drama Abstract>
Suruga Mayura, who wanted a cab driver since she was a child.
Her dream finally came true when she become a driver at the women-only cab company "LIGHTNING CAB".
Suruga quickly become a skillful cab-driver from the teaching of her seniors.
However, "LIGHTING CAB" faces the pressure from a major rival company. Can the members of "LIGHTING CAB" compete against them.....?

Cast: Mizue Tsunashima, Hiromi Sakurai, Yuna Kamakura, Hikaru Tono, Iori Saeki, etc.

■ Music & Story Booklet
The lyrics of the song and a newly drawn mini-story that can only be read here are posted.
※ Please note that this booklet is available in Japanese only.

■ Luxury Three-sided Box

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